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Care Access Strategies is committed to bodily autonomy. We believe your health care choices should not be restricted based on where you live or what you can pay.


Our team has decades of experience in state policy, health care operations, and advocacy.

Sara Manns, MPP

Sara has over 20 years of experience in state health policy, working on reproductive care, LGBT health equity, pharmaceutical pricing, and medical aid in dying. Her expertise is in state policy solutions to protect bodily autonomy, from abortion access to gender-affirming care to end-of-life choices. Sara's vision is a health care system centering the decisions of people who know what's right for their bodies–supported by law and policy in every state.

Kelly Pfeifer, MD

Kelly Pfeifer, MD is a family physician and an abortion care provider. She served in leadership roles at Petaluma Health Center, the San Francisco Health Plan (supporting launch of Healthy San Francisco) and the California Health Care Foundation. She was appointed by Governor Newsom to lead behavioral health policy for public programs in California, serving from 2019 - 2022. In June 2022, she left that role to work on reproductive health access. She founded Aria Medical, a Kansas medication abortion clinic serving abortion-seekers from multiple states, and Access Bridge, integrating reproductive health care into emergency departments.

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